Get your game marketing content translated into 70+ languages by native speakers within 24 hours

Translate game marketing texts!

Native-speaking linguists

Translated texts are adapted to reflect local colloquialisms and cultural nuances

24-hour turnaround time

63% of orders are done within 2 hours; 96% within a day

User-friendly interface

Easy order placement without emails or manager interaction

No minimum order required

Translate orders from as few as one word without overpaying

We know game marketing pain

Nitro Translate has been designed with global game marketing bottlenecks in mind

Your problem

Character limits for Ad and Store specs have to be considered

Our solution

You can set a limit for the maximum number of characters per paragraph within your order

Your problem

It can be awkward to bother a PM or translator with a small request worth a few dollars

Our solution

Translate as little as one word without having to pay a minimum order fee

Your problem

Inefficient and unnecessary back-and-forth emails (they can get lost)

Our solution

Our translation process is organized and accessible from one place. No emails required

Your problem

Managing your translation can devour priceless working time and human resources

Our solution

Automate your translation process with API

Your problem

Game context may influence the translation significantly

Our solution

Add screenshots, specify the tone of voice and leave comments for the translator when creating your order. Chat with the translator afterwards to clarify any nuances

Why do people like Nitro Translate?

I'm shepherding localization at CM Games. Sometimes, we need to promptly translate small text segments or individual words into several languages. Nitro is perfectly tailored for such requests. The translation is completed within hours and, in some cases, minutes. But most importantly, Nitro works only with professional translators who are native speakers, so you don't have to worry about the translation quality.

CM Games

Elizaveta Kozlova, Lead of Localization and Linguistic Support

So easy to translate any text. I used it for many games.

What do I like best about Nitro? Nitor is so easy to use. The service is also very fast, usually done the same day.

What problems is Nitro solving and how is that benefiting me? Mobazy LLC creates mobile games and sometimes needs text to be translated. Nitro helps solve this problem by quickly providing localized text. The text is easily input into the games.



Alex Slagle, Game Developer

Highly recommend! Best for urgent text translations. We have been using it for 4 years, and during this time the service is constantly developing. Fastest translation, many languages, user-friendly interface, translation correction possibility.

KB Production

Vitali Kozlov, CEO & Founder

While creating video ads, especially in gamedev, we aim to perfection in every aspect of our job. Different audiences, markets, genres - everything needs it's own approach. We are extremely lucky that all our translation tasks are covered with Nitro. Quality and organization are top-notch!


Nikita Gurovskiy, CEO

Excellent service, very satisfied. Describe the project or task Nitro helped with: Translation for all our game projects into various languages. What do you like best about Nitro? Keep deadlines and quality. We appreciate it. What problems is Nitro solving and how is that benefiting you? Localization of our various products and games for other countries

Mini IT Ltd

Wlad Engelhardt, CEO

With the rapid iteration involved in game development for a global audience, Nitro has been perfect for us for quality translation with quick turnaround times whether needing just a few words or a few thousand.

GoldFire Studios

James Simpson, CEO

We have been using this service for a long time to localize our gaming projects.

What do you like best about Nitro? The translations are done quickly, and working with the service is extremely convenient.

How Nitro is benefiting you? We have resolved the issue of localizing our games into many different languages. This has significantly simplified our expansion into the international market and increased our player base.



Quick and reliable

What do you like best about Nitro? The speed and accuracy! The fact their translators are quick to ask questions and raise concerns is very reassuring.

What problems is Nitro solving? Often we need translations of text with a very quick turnaround, or else the volume of text isn't sufficient to use a bigger translation agency.


Kasedo Games

Anthony Cross, Producer

I wholeheartedly recommend Nitro for video game text translations. Their self-service platform ensures a quick turnaround, often within 24 hours and, at times, as swift as 30 minutes. Nitro's efficient and reliable service, coupled with its user-friendly interface, makes it an excellent choice for timely and accurate translations, especially useful for games in the Early Access model, which need to be frequently updated.

Awesome Games Studio

Marcin Draszczuk, Founder


What can you translate in Nitro®?

Ads texts

Banner texts

ASO descriptions

Press releases

Social media texts

Stores descriptions

Game updates

In-game texts, etc

Google Docs

Google Sheets


.strings (iOS)

.xml (Android)



plain text

Here is how Nitro Translate works


Paste text or upload files in various formats.


Select your source and target languages.


Describe the context and upload relevant images for clarity.


Add funds and send your materials for translation.


Monitor progress in real-time in the Orders page and communicate directly with translators.


Receive your translation in the same format as the original.

Transparent Pricing

The cost of translation depends on the number of selected languages and characters (including spaces). Your cost is automatically calculated when you enter your text or upload your file.

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Leverage Nitro's ® Advanced Features


Provide context with your order: attach screenshots, specify the tone of voice, and leave comments for the linguists


Use our proofreading service to ensure optimum quality and accuracy


Stay informed about the status of your order on the Order Tracking page


Translation Memory & Glossary (uniform terminology)


Live support

Benefit from Nitro’s features!

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